Pioneer DJ Marks 20 Years with Photo Book Launch

DJs aren’t simply back en vogue now; they’ve always been around, disproving naysayers time and again by pushing their craft. They get a well-deserved shout-out through a photo book set to launch Thursday, March 26, at Valkyrie.

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Pinoytuner Presents: High Noon at Big D’s: Reg Rubio

Reg Rubio looks back on the humble beginnings of Barangay Tibay (which then was merely a “grupo para sa mga walang grupo”) and sings (!) a few choice Smashing Pumpkins covers in this installment of our new web series “High Noon at Big D’s.” Watch!

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Love in Athens: Anatomical Venus

The new Love in Athens EP is essential, well-executed stuff, especially for fans of shoegaze, noise rock, and perhaps a bit of Godflesh.

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