Experience the Future in Go! Experience Redesign

By the looks of it, the July 26 leg of Go! Experience may be the most ambitious one yet, focusing on a less-than-ideal, dystopic future and how to survive it. If that sounds too heady for ya, there will also be music from Slow Hello, Brisom, Jireh Calo, and the legendary Joey Ayala! Details here.

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OPM by the Numbers Part 2: Money for Nothing: Music and Questions of Compensation

“There is some truth to the death of the music industry: meaning the music lives on while former concepts of industry are barely surviving in the massive shark tank that is the internet,” writer-critic Alice Sarmiento says in Part 2 of her mini-series “OPM by the Numbers.”

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Premier(e): Pupil: “Out of Control”

Pupil’s “Out of Control” is a singable tune, but also worthy of shameless hours of air-guitar and air-drums in front of the mirror. Video launches this Saturday (July 26) at 12 Monkeys.

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