First New Songs from the Eraserheads Since 2001’s Carbon Stereoxide to Launch via Esquire

The Internet lost its marbles when word came out that the Eraserheads are launching two new songs via Esquire Philippines’ travel-themed September 2014 issue. “It’s like they never took a break,” session guitarist Sancho says of the proceedings. Learn more about the recordings here.

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All is Well, Lirio

“May Lirio’s story not merely spark sympathy but essentially inspire hope.” Contributor Jeanilyn Kwan updates us about the revered artist-musician’s condition, three years after his near-fatal accident. A series of fundraising events kicks off tonight at B-Side with Red-i & Dott Seki, Pastilan Dong, The Sleepyheads, Tarsius, Wilderness, and more.

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Premier(e): SunDownMuse: “Sundowning”

SunDownMuse’s “Sundowning” is irresistible and can jumpstart any dull party. Our short-but-sweet review here.

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